Friday, 30 December 2011

The story of a Book Addict !

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I haven't been a reader since i was a kid or even a tween.Books always seemed uninteresting and scary or gross (The Goat and Her Three Kids ) is a good example.Thanks God that there were books from authors like Grimm Brothers ,Hans Christian Andersen ). Then , there weren't any books (that i knew of ) to interest me as a tween.Fairy tales didn't appeal to me anymore.
      But then i discovered Harry Potter and his world of wizards.I was fascinated , but with only 3 books translated and nothing else even remotely resembling to it , i gave up , but actually read all the remaining books when they were published.
      In 2008 , a few months after the Twilight movie came out(March if i remember correctly), my sister read all the books (En) and was telling me how  awesome it was ,but I've seen a few scenes from the movie and wasn't interested.Why bother with the book,right? But i did read it , actually read the entire series in a matter of days.I was hooked.Edward was interesting , and Bella resembled me in a lot of ways.I was so in love with their story. 
       Fanfiction came after reading the series various time ,i already knew what was going to happen,so i began to look for something like that, but somewhat different, and my era of Fanfiction began.I was addicted to it.(I'll post my faves next year),but the reality was that most of then were actually YA or Romance books ,but instead of John and Elizabeth were Edward and Bella. 
              Next step and actually the final one  was reading one of my mom's romances(Mom's an addict too).One day i just asked her to borrow something from the library that she thought i would like, from what she already read ,of course ).She brought me some Harlequin-alike romance by Linda David. And from that point , I've been an addict. 

Hope i haven't bored you to death *sad face*. I opted for something more personal  today, because i enjoy reading posts about people too(and people's love stories,how they meet their husbands,boyfriends and fell in love ...but since i have no  story (yet) ...Books it is ) and i know other enjoy the same thing.
I'm an addict because i can't help myself  but to read/buy books,i just leave anything else and read (including some homework ..but don't worry ..i still do it) ,i sleep less when i am reading a book , simply because i cannot put it down...etc.

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