Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fell in love with..

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A  Character Interview (;Link Here).It's not my first Character Interview , but i haven't read that many before.
It's the Interview of Cristian and Natalia from Destiny Unchained  by Leia Shaw (paranormal romance novel)
This one has just one question,and if my memory serves me right "What brought them together" but the next part is what got me hooked.They really had chemestry and  they complete each others answers so well .
N: *Chuckles* And I just wanted to kill him.
C: *Takes her hand* She came to her senses though. Eventually.
My only complain....was too short.I would have liked at least a 2000 words Post...(High expectations much ?)

So..what do you think ?Like it ? Loved it ?

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