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(Book Review)The Millionaire's Christmas Wife by Helen Brooks

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Mistletoe, marriage and the millionaire.
Miriam knew her whirlwind marriage to millionaire Jay Carter wouldn't last. Plain and ordinary, she just didn't fit into his polished penthouse apartment or his glamorous lifestyle! Out of place and out of confidence, Miriam fled thinking he cheated.
 Jay has given his runaway bride some time away, but enough is enough—he is back to claim his wife once and for all!


Page Count : 186
Reading Level: Adults
Genre :Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin 
Published: November 10, 2009

    Because of two reasons:I love Christmas romance books and the  fragment from the beggining made this book a priority for me !


He's a 35 y.o. buisnessman, this is the first time he loves a woman , and in my oppinion he would be a great dad(he can calm quickly) .He really loves her and he never gives up .He's strong  but never heartless.He wants her back , but doesn't  beg.

She's wary,unsure,stubborn and loves him but she has daddy  issues(doesn't trust men).

     First , i would like to say that the plot is more based on reality than fiction.
    After she catches him with his secretary ( bad timing+ circumstances) she flees.The actual story starts 10 months after.She wants divorce.He agrees with a  divorce if she will date him until Christmas.
    In their relationsship Jay was the mature one.Both of them have flaws , but Miriam's issues are 90% of the time the problem,but that i didn't mind that much, but she was most of the time controlled by Jay.It was always his way(not that of a bad thing in the situation ), but it annoyed me.I like strong female characters , and this one was't .
   There were some parts when i got bored(read this with no break whatsoever) of what was going on , but Miriam was always full of surprizes.
  I would qualify this book as a clean romance.(There is sex , but it's kept to a minimum).

  All in all , i liked this one.It has romantic moments ,it has some unpredictable moments  and the hero's determination to get her back is amazing.I want someone like that!(If Ms. Books will create one for me too , i would be forever grateful....joke)

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The author's: I could not find anything!

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