Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drama and the case of wishful thinking!

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Ok!You fooled me ! I actually thought that the book bloggers community is a friendly bookish one.Not in my wildest dreams i would have thought that people here aren't so nice when you don't say something nice, and if that was a conversation i would have agreed with it.But WTH?
You post a review on some book and the author gets crazy mad at you, because the review wasn't positive enough.She/He says it deserves more (well..not in the blogger's opinion).
Well...there  were a lot of these kinds of drama around.
Goodreads is the on the top .Check out this post on .She talks all about it, with juicy deets and all.

Oh...remember Maggie Stiefvater? The author of Mercy Falls wolfs ( I actually began reading the first book,but it did not get me hooked, so  it's history.She's all about what a reviewer is , and what a book blogger .She also has some good insight on the problem.Some...

Why? Why can't this community be one without drama ?People have feelings...don't hurt theirs, bacause they will hurt yours.

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