Saturday, 14 January 2012

Kindle Lending !


What's a better way to read free book ?You don't have to go to the library (in case you have one that has a good collection ) .You just need someone who is willing to lend it to you and the book to have lending enabled (you can see it on the book page on Amazon on the section "Product Details". I've recently joined 2 communities.

1.Lendle ( ) (

The period you can borrow a book for  is 2 weeks.And you can only borrow one book at a time.

I already joined and borrowed my first book :)


  1. Hey there, I'm a new follower. Your rating system and reviews are a fresh air. I am planning to sigh up for lindle .. Do checkout my blog when you get a chance. I write short stories and review once in a while.

    1. Can you leave an adress to your blog, or even a name? I can't find it :(