Saturday, 14 January 2012

OMG! Have you seen this ??(#TVD)

This morning i saw the episode 11 of The Vampire Diaries, and OMFG..did you see that scene when Klaus goes to Caroline??? (If you haven't, just take a look.)
It's....(....i can't even find a word to describe  it...can i borrow Klaus's favourite word?? pleaseee..;;) FASCINATING ! 

As you all spoiler-lovers (or whomever read my "The Vampires are back" post, you know that someone will catch Klaus's eye very soon.It may be even Caroline...
Caroline: “Are you going to kill me?”
Klaus: “On your birthday. You really think that low of me?”
Caroline: “Yes.”
So...what do you think?


  1. I saw this episode! I don't like them together, but I feel bad for Klaus because he has like no one in his life! What do you think of the possibility of them getting together?

  2. Saw this last night, that scene was equal parts creepy and sad :( I felt bad for Klaus but if he and Caroline get together its gonna get ugly.

  3. I love this show! I saw this episode Thursday night! This scene was creepy, fascinating and sad. I loved the scene. Not sure what I think of them together.

  4. @SAndra If they are going to get together,something's gotta be different ( won't be ugly)!But it would be interesting :)

    @Tabitha Why don't you like ??? Well..there is a slight possibility..but in the will be awesome through..with the tension, secret crush and stuff :)