Saturday, 7 January 2012

Themed Weekdays !

    I had this idea a few days ago.It's basically me posting each themed day something that is somewhat related to the theme.
    Until now , i only have 3 days set, which are :
  •  Tuesday is Youtube Day; (I may post here anything that is on youtube, like movie/book trailers,scenes that i like, book hauls, book reviews, or just songs that i love)
  •  Wednesday is Wishlist Day;(Anything that is on my wishlist like movies,books,bookshelf,hot guys...yeah..basically anything i want to have :>)
  • Saturday  is New Discoveries Day;(Anything i discover and like in the past week .May be book covers, books, movies ,authors, blogs ..etc);


  1. Those sounds like good themes!

  2. That's a very good idea. It helps you to stay focus and committed to blogging. I look forward to seeing those post. Visiting from WBC blog hop.