Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just another way of feeding my addiction to love stories!

As i was deciding what i should write about in this week's post, while my sister had the TV on(on music)..which was kind of annoying, because well , it distracts me a lot, i saw the video for Arash & Helena -Broken Angel. I know that here is supposed to be an old song, but i did not heard it that many times...whatever.
The thing I'm gonna be talking about is ..... Love Stories in Songs !!
How it all started: 
It all started with BassHunter "Now You're gone"

then it started to develop more (We see Aylar's ( the brunette ) relationship/life :) into the next 5 videos(in that order):

All I Ever Wanted
Angel In The Night
I Miss You 
Every Morning
I Promised Myself 

Then it continued when Taylor Swift fashion started!My favourite videos with the best love stories are :

What are your video love stories ?

Today's choices were: 
Love stories in songs ;(See reason above);
My freakishly obsession with huge male/petite females in romance novels.(I'm pretty petite myself, so i guess that may be the reason,..or Not...);
My new crush;
New free romance books;
(if you want to read about any of the choices, please comment below saying which one and i will do my best and maybe post it the next Saturday!


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  2. Great post! I love Taylor Swift music videos too, they have the best stories!