Friday, 2 March 2012

After the rain comes a rainbow : Ways to follow a blog beside GFC

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Today I'm gonna talk about the ways a reader can follow a blog,well, because of 2 reasons:
  • the GFC is not available anymore for non-bloggers users.{:(}
  • as a way to make some of those interested in finding there is more ways of following a blog than the GFC :) {I don't know why but today seems to be all about GFC.Oh..and before i forget,if you have a blog, then drop a comment with a link so that i can visit ;;)..maybe follow, who knows :) }

First, there is  the GFC :))LOL.It was the GFC for some, maybe it still is (for me at least!)Now, seriously guys, onto the non-GFC list .First there is ..
Networked Blogs. This is  the most awesome and GFC like that you'll get.(Beside Rss..).It's perfect for Facebook Users and fans or just plain people obsessed with it !{I can't say i'm that obsessed or enthusiastic with Facebook, more like a regular user. I do have a profile and i have created a Fanpage for this blog}It shows all the blog posts from the blogs you follow in reverse.(From new to old...)
Then there is ...
Rss Feed.I don't really use this that much, and for Opera (the browser i use )stores all the blog posts for me, categorised by blog/website :D
Also, another option would be to subscribe by email, but in my opinion that is to be used only for favourite blogs.{I mean, i receive at least 15 emails a day, that takes already so much time from my blog and stuff and if you add in, lets say 20 emails with blog  posts...there are way too many.Plus, there are some mails that you simply may want to receive and get to ASAP..and having to go through all those emails...there is just not convenient.}
The new way to follow is by Linky Followers.I use it, you know , just to see how it goes and till now I'm not really sure of it.As far as i know there is not a list of unread blog posts that you can browse, or stuff like that. You see the blog name, author link and the last post name.( have to update every time you write a new post, because well...that isn't covered.
And it sucks!The good thing is that you can categorise them!

Now, i hope i haven't bored you, or anything and i hope you actually liked reading this post :_)
Oh..and sorry for the overuse of the word GFC :)

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