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Book Review: Dead Asleep by Jennifer B. White

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Book Review

Title: Dead Asleep
Author: Jennifer B. White
Publisher:  OakIvy PUblishing
Publication Date: November 11, 2011
Pages: 348 pages 
Series: No
Rating: 3  Stars!

If it were possible, I'd never sleep again.

Everyone was talking about my dreams--even though I hadn't told a single soul about them. Wherever I went, strangers were discussing my nocturnal visions. I wanted to chalk all of this up to coincidence, but then, only minutes after a chance encounter with a young woman I didn't know, after she told me in perfect detail of the dream I'd had the night before, she was killed. And I knew I'd have to figure out what was happening to me.

My only hope was a woman who had a knack for falling dead asleep. With help from Claire, a narcoleptic, I would have to take a sleep-journey into the past and future affecting everyone's life, including my own.

Book Review

This one was different for a lot of reasons.At least for the most part .One would be that it was  from a guy's POV (which is a new thing for me) and then there was a lot of people being incredible "trusting" and "friendly".

But I don't have only good things to say about it, like the action happened way to fast!

There were  also a few things that happened in the book that made me uneasy and kind of scared me/freaked me out, but what annoyed me to no end was the accent that was written in the book which made me stop reading just to try to understand the whole Fraze:
"It seems mud up, but deat and life an not so fah away from each oddah.Yuh may tink dey are night and day,but even night and dey ah..."
One thing worth mentioning was that I felt like Kevin from the beginning and the end  seemed different than the Kevin from the other parts of the book. (I guess the experiences you have change you..)
And the final but most important thing was that it definitely had some depth and you can still learn some lessons.

The Characters and their relationships !
Female Main Character:Claire,a narcoleptic who can make someone fall asleep with them just by touching their hand.
Male Main Character:Kevin
The Main Characters Relationship: Friends then lovers (but this was not a romance book!) both working to solve the dream sharing mystery.

The Last Line!

While i wasn't that hooked in the middle of the book as I was when reading the first and the last part, it had a lot of dept...and actually it was the only thing that saved the book for me !And I'm now more interested in dreams and destiny/fate =D

I recommend it if you are interested.
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