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Going Under by Georgia Cates!Guest Post: Interview with Jessie Boone & Book Review

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Interview with Jessie Boone

Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us. My name is Georgia Cates and I am the author of the recently released novel, Going Under. Today, I will be interviewing Jessie Boone, my leading protagonist.

Georgia: Hi, Jessie. I’m so glad you are able to join us.
Jessie: I’m glad to be here. It’s good to see you again, Georgia.
Georgia: Why don’t we start our interview with something easy and light-hearted? In Going Under, you were never aware of the plan to punk you by Claire and Payton. What was your reaction when you found out? Or did you know?
Jessie: (Laughing) Yeah, I know about it. It was several months before I accidentally found out about that and “The Coitus Hiatus Plan.” Payton let it slip one night when she had too many drinks at a party, but I wasn’t mad. How could I be? The whole charade is what brought us together. And it made me more than glad to tell her how the whole Gretchen thing was only a ploy to cause her jealousy.
Georgia: And what did Claire think when you told her you tricked her into being jealous?
Jessie: She didn’t care for it very much, but we can both laugh about it today. Besides, she couldn’t really say much about it because it wasn’t really different from what she was doing with Forbes.
Georgia: Good point. Tell us when you knew you loved Claire.
Jessie: I knew very early in our relationship that I could fall in love with her, but I didn’t know for sure until the moment she made me see that I might be lost, but I wasn’t a lost cause.

Georgia: Do you have any regrets?
Jessie: I did some hurtful things to Claire and I’m sorry I caused her pain, but I wouldn’t take back a thing because all of those events led us to where we are now. I’m a better person today because of it. How I could say that I would take back something that ultimately led us to this happy place we’re in now?
Georgia: Last question...Did Claire ever go with you to get more tattoos?
Jessie: (Laughing) Yep! (Pulling up sleeve) Claire chose this herself. Nice, right?
Georgia: Good choice. Did you talk her into one?
Jessie: I’ll never tell.
This concludes our interview with Jessie Boone. I hope you enjoyed getting a brief glimpse of him outside of Going Under.
About the Author:

I reside in rural Mississippi with my wonderful husband, Jeff, and our two beautiful daughters.

I spent thirteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an author.

Blood of Anteros, Book One in The Vampire Agápe Series, was my first novel and it was released in September 2011.

I decided to step away from the paranormal genre to try my hand at a young adult romance and I loved it. It was so much fun, I plan to do it again in the near future. 
Georgia Cates Links:

Book Review ! 

Going Under  By Georgia Cates
Genre: YA
Published March 10th 2012 by Georgia Cates  
Jessie Boone is a self proclaimed bad boy and doesn’t march to the beat of anyone’s drum, but his own. Growing up in less than desirable circumstances has made him no stranger to the hard knock life and his determination to leave it behind is fierce. When he finds himself transferred to East Franklin High School, he sees his opportunity to use his athletic ability to snag a college football scholarship, but Forbes Henderson, the player Jessie means to replace isn’t giving up his spot willingly. In fact, Forbes is willing to go to extreme measures to retain his place as first string quarterback. When Forbes’ malicious plan to injure his replacement fails, Jessie is furious and determined to show him he messed with the wrong person; not only is he going to take the position of first string quarterback, he’s going to take his girl, too.
Claire Deveraux is perfection at it’s best. She is beautiful, intelligent and unaware she just became Jessie Boone’s conquest as revenge against her boyfriend, Forbes Henderson. Like her flawless performance as the perfect daughter and student, Claire’s production of being the perfect girlfriend has everyone fooled, except Jessie Boone, and she fears this tattooed bad boy will see her secret desire to explore his crude threats and promises to rock her perfect world. If she decides to give in to one uninhibited moment with Jessie, will she learn too late that it was all an act of vengeance or will Jessie learn the taste of first love is sweeter than that of revenge?

I liked this one ! A lot.Even through there were some cheesy,so cliche parts.One thing that I think makes this book stand out is the voices of the characters.I swear, if they were a little bit more sarcastic/ironic they would be my idols.Like Veronica Mars..Ok, not really, but I liked them (excerpt in a few scenes).
As for the characters,Jessie was my favourite.He was intelligent and he had a  life plan/wanted to be somebody,and he did not let the circumstances get to him like so many others.A role model for some I might say.
Claire,oh Claire.Your typical cheerleader..with a best friend names Payton.
I liked the " jealousy games" because it made the book more teenager fun!
While I liked this book, it wasn't a favourite.Sometimes, the oh so normal human behaviour would the characters displayed was kind of annoying, but overall, it's ok to read it if you like YA .

And now, here are some quotes:
“If this is the real you, whoever told you to be yourself couldn’t have given you worse advice.”
“Some day you’ll call me the one that got away.” (this one actually reminds me of Kate Perry's song- The one that got away..)
As for the stars, this one is a 3 star!
Here's a link to see more reviews and add it to your shelf on Goodreads! LINK:)

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