Friday, 4 May 2012

Author Interview with Michelle Davidson Argyle


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Let’s Get started, shall we?

1.   How about we start off with telling the readers a little bit about yourself?
Hi! Thanks for having me here today. A little bit about myself – I live in Utah and have a little five-year-old girl who keeps me on my toes. She also makes it difficult to write, but it all works. I just don’t sleep a lot. I’m married to an actor/fight choreographer. We love our artistic fields!
2.   Who has inspired you as an author?
One of my favorite authors is Annie Dillard. She doesn’t write fiction, but her lyrical prose and layered thinking have always inspired me. I also love Jhumpa Lahiri, Gayle Foreman, and Jennifer Hubbard. Wide variety, I know, but hey, I’m eclectic! I am inspired by anyone who is genuine and confident in what they do.
3.   Can you tell us about The Breakaway and where the idea came from?
I first wrote The Breakaway when I was about fifteen years old. It took me a year to complete, if I remember right. And to be honest, I’m not sure if I can remember where the initial idea came from. I think I was insecure and going through a very awkward phase of being a teenager. Writing a story so outside of myself was really helpful.
4.   What was your favorite part of the book to write and why?
One of my favorite parts of the book is too much of a spoiler if I talk about it! But I can say this much—it’s a part of the story a lot of people don’t see coming. Another favorite part for me is when my villain, Eric, is about to carry out a threat and ends up revealing a part of himself that really rounds out his character.
5.   Do you have an exciting The Breakaway teaser you'd like to share?
Sure! This is a scene later in the book when Naomi decides it’s time to escape. Up until this moment, she hasn’t tried to escape, so this teaser leads into an intense and emotional scene for her as she attempts to get away!
She stood and paced in front of the bookshelves and glanced at titles Jesse had given her to read. Her heart sank at the thought of him. If she managed to escape, would she ever see him again? Would she want to? She had a hard time imagining what her life would be like outside of these walls, what doors would open, how her mind might break free. She had shaken herself free of Brad; it was time to wake up. The article had made it clear she still had some sense left in her head. If she didn’t hold onto that and at least attempt to leave, she might never have the chance again. It was more about finally choosing something brave than anything else, and it made her sick inside to continue on as she was, the girl stuck in a box, the girl who wrote in her journal about everything except herself because she had never known who she was or what she really wanted.
Tears filled her eyes. It had to be now.
Stuffing her iPod into her sweatshirt pocket, she walked to the balcony doors. She saw her reflection
in the glass, the girl she had become, and she wanted nothing more than to walk beyond that girl and finally grow up. Her hand shook as she turned the handle and stepped out into the frigid night.
6.   Any upcoming projects? Something you're currently working on at the moment?
You’ll want to keep an eye out for my collection, Bonded, coming out with Rhemalda Publishing on November 1st. This collection contains three fairy-tale-based novellas: Cinders (a continuation of “Cinderella”), Thirds (a retelling of “One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes”), and Scales (a prequel to “Sleeping Beauty”). They are dark and realistic and beautiful, and I hope you’ll keep it in mind if you love fairy tales! The collection is appropriate for young adult and adult readers.
I’m also working on a new novel I hope my publisher will sign. It’s young adult, based in late 17th century America and Scotland, and surrounds the Scottish/Celtic Selkie myths. If you don’t know what a Selkie is, it is a creature like a mermaid, but half-seal instead. They are fascinating creatures I am really excited to explore with my main character, Hazel. The catch is that she is cursed with Selkie beauty, but cannot live in the human world or the Selkie world. I hope for this book to be published in 2013, but we’ll see how long it takes me and if my publisher wants it. So far, it’s looking good! They love the synopsis.
7.   What made you want to be a writer?
I have wanted to write novels since I was about ten years old. I wrote my first novel when I was about 15, so it’s a goal I have always been working toward. I think what made me want to be a writer was that I loved reading so much, but I couldn’t always find the books I wanted. So I decided to write what I wanted to read most!
8.   What inspires you the most?
Knowing others will read my stories, and hoping they will love them.
9.   What do you enjoy doing when not reading or writing?
I love to eat, especially cheese. I love all kinds of cheese. This does not bode well for me trying to maintain my figure, of course, but I manage. I love to cook, and I love to be outdoors. I also like to design book covers in my spare time, and I enjoy photography. My publisher loves that I always have such really solid ideas for my book covers. It makes their job easier, I think, when their art department puts everything together.
10.               As a writer , what is one of the toughest decisions you've had to make?
Oh, that is a hard question, because I’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions! But I think one of the hardest has been to write full-time and make this a career rather than a hobby. It means I have to be extremely serious about what I do and how I handle my time.
11.               While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters?
I try to get into my characters’ heads as much as possible, yes. Even the evil characters, and that can be scary. I think the character I have related most to, however, has been Naomi from The Breakaway, and Serena from my novella, Scales.
12.               What genre of books do you like to read? Do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?
I read everything, honestly. I got my degree in college in English/Creative Writing, so I read a lot of classics. I also love adult thrillers, and have recently discovered that I love contemporary young adult. Even though I write fantasy/fairy tale fiction, as well, I don’t read much of it. I don’t limit myself to genres, no, but I’ve found that whatever I’m writing, I tend to avoid reading at least while I’m writing the first draft.
13.               What would you rather do: go back in time or check out the future?Why?
Oh, not fair! I think I’d like to go back in time. I would be afraid that knowing my future would ruin a lot of the excitement and point of living. But it sure would be tempting!
14.               Is there anything else you'd like to say to the people reading this interview?
Always reach for your dreams and never give up. NOBODY can do what you do the way you do it. Nobody can replace you, and that’s an important thing to remember.


  1. Great interview! I really want to read The Breakway. Putting it on my Amazon wish list.

  2. This is a great interview! I like the bit where she says that she became a writer to write all the stories she wanted to read. This is how I feel and is part of the reason why I'm trying to write the book that I am. It's a book that I really want to read but I don't feel that it has ever been written.

    Again, great interview :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair