Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Daydreamer 2.0

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I had this idea,or a thing I wanted to do .Make this an all things blog.No more books/movies one.
And exactly 2 minutes ago I finally decided to go along with it.What do I have to lose?
Yeah..I'm not thinking about that.I'm only thinking all about the good part.

Instead of talking all about bookish things, I'll add some more things I'm interested in, some personal things, some internet finds, jokes and all that crosses my mind or my way.
On the bookish side of things, I'm currently listening to Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.It's a fun and enjoyable read.A 9 so far.The only thing bad is that they are way to old for my taste.Blue, the main female character reminds me of the main female actress from Bunheads(the oldish one).

Take Care, and comment away with your thoughts on this change or any ideas you may have or send me an email.

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