Sunday, 30 December 2012

Top Five 90’s Teen Movies to Watch

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Add terrible clothing, cheesy one liners, and mediocre acting skills, a dash of irony and Freddie Prinze Jr., mix thoroughly together and you have yourself a teen movie from the 1990’s. Quick! Grab your favorite Trapper Keeper and write this down, the top five 90’s teen movies you need to watch now:
Clueless: Thanks to this cult classic, idiotic phrases such as ‘As if!’ and ‘Whatever!’ have become acceptable phrases for teens and adults to repeat in their daily lives. Starring the pre vegan and mama bird-food-sharing Alicia Silverstone is the loveable and vapid rich teen that captured teen’s hearts across America. And who would have thought that step brother Josh was a young Paul Rudd. Um hello?!

10 Things I Hate About You: Three words, Joseph Gordon Levitt. He plays the ever-so-sweet and nerdy teen that wanted nothing more than to date the most popular girl in school. Then enter scene stealer Health Ledger. Swoon and sigh. A love story based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Taming the Shrew’ but set in a modern day high school with your typical social crowds that all want the same thing, teen love. Duh.
Empire Records: This movie was more for the Nirvana and plaid loving 90’s teens because of its story about a record store with angst ridden teens trying to survive a take over from a major corporation. A darker movie that dabbles in serious issues like suicide and your best friend loyalties features future starlets Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler. And don’t forget, it’s Rex Manning day! 

Cruel Intentions: If you did not own the soundtrack to this movie, you were not cool. End of story. Talk about a dark and inappropriate movie for the youngsters. A tangled storyline where a prude Reese Witherspoon falls in love with a smooth talking and overly sex charged kid Ryan Philippe, all while fending off his evil step sister Sarah Michelle Geller’s trickery. With its crappy dialogue and over dramatic scenes, Cruel Intentions makes it terribly delicious for the 90’s teen pallet and a good a good sob fest.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: What’s a top five 90’s list without the teen movie king himself, Freddie Prinze Jr.? And of course his loyal court Ryan Philippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt support his outstanding horror movie acting skills.  Like omg this movie is totally scary. A group of high school seniors spend their summer running from a man with a hook and try to stay alive so that they can go off to college, get married and later get divorced. What? Too harsh?

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