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Book Review: Kill Shot by Liliana Hart

Book Review

Title: Kill Shot
Author: Lilliana Hart
Publication Date: May 16th 2013
Pages: 480
Genre: Action/ Romance/Suspense
Series: No! :(

Grace Meredith is the CIA’s most deadly assassin. Too bad she’s gone off the grid and become a mercenary for hire. After the death of her daughter by a sniper’s bullet, Grace can no longer stomach the demands of agency life or keep herself from blaming the only man she’s ever loved. Her mind and body are fragile, and she knows she’s just a step away from breaking down completely.

Gabe Brennan holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. As one of the most brilliant black ops agents the CIA has ever employed, he knows it’s no one’s fault but his own that his child was gunned down in cold blood. He might not have been able to save his daughter, but he’s determined to save his wife. He only has to find her first.

Sexual tension crackles between Gabe and Grace from the moment they’re reunited, but between the man who is hunting them, a secret that’s been buried for eighty years, and a turbulent past—the odds are stacked against them.

First, let me start with the begging.How I come to read this awesome,beautiful,breathtaking and sometimes heartbreaking book:
A long time ago, in a far away land , a petite redhead sitting in a beautiful armour , with a laptop on her lap, was browsing away on Bloggerdise, and came  upon a rare treasure.A book with assassins and romance.And possibly a happy ending.The girl was so happy she immediately wrote to the author.And as in all fairy tales, there is a happy ending.For the girl, her happy ending was that she got to enjoy the treasure,and for the readers of this blog,a giveaway!

Moving on..

Who said you can't also have romance and action was dead wrong.Both genres fit perfectly well together, and this book is the evidence, shortly to be stored in a bookshelf on every library on May 15th 2013 (and yes, this was an ARC copy).
For the romance side of the story, where the heartbreaking part goes we encounter the two parties of the love story: Grace, the oh so gracefully sniper,and yet a broken women, who lost her only child recently and still carries the guilt,the pain and so on and so fort.The other party is Gabe,  former CIA, probably responsible for their child's death.They have a heartwarming romance, but a heartbreaking past.It probably  helps a little that he never signed those divorce papers...I'd also like to add that the sex scenes, not so really were a little bit steamy, so don't let your teenager's read this.
Onto the action side, we have the Collective.A team of the best of the best, taking on jobs, those kind of jobs the CIA cannot risk to do.We have the super awesome computer wizard: Ethan Thomas ,Jack Donovan :former Navy Seals, and Logan : former MI6.Add Grace, the talented sniper and Gabe, The boss!

“We’ve got company, boss,” Logan said, meeting his eyes in the rearview mirror. “They’re trained. Two cars— one black, one tan— trading off positions since we left the airport.” “Open the screen,” Gabe said and turned to stare at Grace. “Who have you been pissing off lately?” “This tail isn’t for me. I’ve been off the grid for two years.” “Yeah, but I was able to find you.” “Fine, maybe they’re here for me. Pull over and I’ll ask them nicely before I put a bullet between their eyes.” “You’ve always been a charmer, Grace.”

Liliana. Kill Shot - A Collective Novel (Kindle Locations 364-369). .
Just a FYI: The narrator switches between Grace and Gabe's voices, but that's just in the details.
All in all, this has become a favourite of mine, so it's a really great book, and I truly recommend it!

Add it to your GoodReads  Shelf !

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