Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Forbidden Love

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     I recently started developing an addiction to student/teacher romance :)
I just read "The Perfect Summer had to end sometime" by DazedAndConfused  .Which is posted on wattpad.You should go and check it out!

Movies/Tv-shows/Books that have a student/teacher romance:

  • Life Unexpected(TV)
  • Pretty Little Liars(TV+Book)(I haven't actually seen this , but now I'm definitely going to :) ' I'm watching it right now)
  • Gossip Girl(TV)(Watched it a few times already)
  • Never Been Kissed(Movie)
  • Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally (Book) i was saying..I'm pretty much in love with this kind of stories, and I really want to read more like these.
So...have YOU read (or heard something about) any YA romance with  a student/teacher pairing?If you did, please DO leave a comment below with the name  :)

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