Sunday, 18 August 2013

Death Knows my name by Casse Narome Book Tour: Author Interview and Giveaway !


1.First,lets get to know you better.What can you tell us about yourself that isn’t on your bio?
I'm weird. I just am. I can be outgoing and goofy then the next second I will turn reclusive. It's just weird.
2. What inspired you to write this book?
I just needed an outlet for my emotions. Writing is an escape.
3.Do you write an outline before every book you write?
I don't. I have tried but it is stressful because then I feel trapped in a box. I just can't write in a box. I can't follow plans. :)
4.Can you tell us more about the main characters in “Death knows my name”?
Mayne is damaged goods. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time. She is also abrasive. She can rub people the wrong way but there is just something about her that pulls people in. It's probably her honesty.
Eric is just...I honestly fell in love with him writing him. He is loyal, kind, extremely patient but he is also just 100% pure male. He loves hard. He is devoted to Mayne and faithful.
5.What do you enjoy doing when not reading or writing?
Drinking good wine, eating yummy food and listening to music. Oh and being on the interwebz. lol
6. Is there anything else you'd like to say to the people reading this interview & possible readers of “Death knows my name”?
Thank you. I hope you do read my books. I really write just for yall. I also appreciate that you have a lot of options to pick from so giving me your time is humbling and flattering.

Death Knows My Name
The Memory Keepers Series # 1
By-Casse NaRome

Publication Date- July 17, 2013
Published By- Soul Mate Publishing
Genre-Adult Paranormal Romance


MAYNE ST LECLAIR has spent her adult life closed off emotionally from the world around her. She learned very early on that those who get close to her end up dead. She knows she is cursed, but what she doesn't know is why.
ECTAIN “ERIC” EDECK knows the pain he has caused Mayne but the connection is undeniable. Can Mayne get passed the hurt and fall in love or has her heart been broken too many times?
Is death playing some sort of cruel joke on Mayne St LeClair or is watching her suffer breaking Death’s heart?

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About the Author
Casse Narome is the alter-ego of a self-proclaimed awesome weirdo who spent her childhood reading and daydreaming. As an adult that is also how she spends her time only now she writes her daydreams down for everyone to read. Casse is never serious, has been accused of wishing her life was a sitcom, laugh track and all, has a bad habit of talking out loud to herself and she is fine with being a little insane. She spends way too much time online, too much money buying books and laughing at her own jokes. You will find her on Twitter being very random and spewing her opinions. When you see her online, tell her to get back to her writing! Or just engage her in a hilarious random conversation. She blogs book reviews and the adventures of being a writer at




  1. Thank you for having me on your blog. I enjoyed your questions. :)

    Casse xoxo