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Author Interview with K.C. Finn

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Hey Kimberley Charlotte Elisabeth Finn! Welcome to The Daydreamer’s Obsessions. I hope you enjoy your stay.

So..let’s get Started with the Interview!

1.Miss Finn, you are a self-published, 2013 debut author  with 3 novels under your belt. That’s pretty impressive. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey as a debut author?

Well I started writing again in the winter of 2012 after a long period of feeling very discouraged and frankly losing all my confidence in my writing abilities. When I picked up the pen again and started to create, I got a real sense that this was ‘it’, this was going to be the time that I would finally finish a story that I was working on. As it turned out, I was right, and within the last 12 months I’ve completed my two detective novellas (the first two parts in the Caecilius Rex series) and a standalone novel, The Secret Star. Altogether these works have come to over 120,000 words, so I couldn’t be happier with my progress so far!

2.What do you occupy yourself with when you are not writing?

Writing is my go-to activity when I want to enjoy myself, I really love being creative, so the other things that take up my time right now are not half as enjoyable unfortunately! I split my time between my job as a private teacher and my university work, which consists of teaching training and studying for my Master’s Degree in education. I would always rather be writing, of course, and I frequently find myself creating fiction when I should be researching and referencing! I also enjoy a wide variety of music, but especially rock and roll music from the 1950s and 60s.

3.Do you write an outline before every book you write?

Not before I start writing. I find that the opening of any story comes to me very easily, and it’s usually once I’m a few thousand words in that I start planning and thinking to myself ‘Okay, where’s this story actually going?’. There’s always a very solid plan down on paper by about the halfway stage in any book I’m writing, but I still like to leave room for elements to grow organically and for things to surprise me! For example I only knew the ending of ‘The Secret Star’ myself about a week before I finished writing it!

4.Would you like to share a book excerpt?

Here’s a little something from The Atomic Circus, book 1 in the Caecilius Rex series:

“Death?” Kendra says under her breath. “Oh sure, I feel like taking a little drop of DEATH today, don’t you?”
She and Cae are at the back of a very large crowd, waiting to reach the traders at the front.
“I would suggest,” answers Cae as he is shoved further forward by the increasingly large mass behind him. “That DEATH is a substance one would give to other people.”
“What do you do, put a spoonful in their coffee?” She replies.
“That works,” says a suited man behind her. “But it’s getting them to stay dead afterwards that’s the trick.”
Cae is heavily disturbed by the pleasant and calm tone of the man, but he doesn’t have time to judge. “This stuff wears off pretty fast, then?” He asks.
“An hour for every five grams,” answers the man, “it takes about sixty grams to make sure they’re actually dead.”
“Thanks for the tip,” says Cae.
“Any time,” the cheerful murderer replies with a smile.
As they near the front of the stall the effects of the various powders on sale become more and more apparent. A very short man barges past Kendra forcefully, clutching a bottle of POWERFUL. Two young women float past absently after him, sharing out powder-bags full of FORGET. Rather worryingly, several people pass by with dark looks and copious handfuls of FEAR, PAIN and DEATH. Cae makes a silent note to himself to review the mysterious poisonings of last September with Damian when he gets back to work.
“It’s not all bad, you know,” says a young girl dressed in rags when she passes Kendra. “Some things in life are good.” Kendra gives her a sad look, catching sight of a carton of HOPE big enough for a whole family.
Cae suddenly sees how easy it might have been for Brooks to get hooked into this place. If these drugs really do what they say, then one taste of BLISS or JOY would never be enough. The detective observes the pricings and quantities when he gets close enough to the front. The happiest emotions are extortionately priced, as are the opposite extremes. DEATH is the most expensive, closely followed by LOVE, which is apparently sold out until February.
A moment later he and Kendra reach the front. A young girl in a lab coat and a brilliant white gasmask looks them up and down.
“What can I get you?” Asks the girl, holding what looks like a scoop for confectionary.

5.Any current or future projects we should be excited about?

Yes definitely! There are two more books to come in the Caecilius Rex series to complete Cae’s story; they’ll be entitled ‘The Face’ and ‘Lachrymosa’. I expect to release book 3 before Christmas this year and hope to complete book 4 early next year. I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo this year, in which I intend to complete the first draft of my much-planned fantasy/magic novel: ‘The Book of Shade’, so look out for that in the new year too!

6. And finally, if there are readers out there who still haven’t picked up any of your books, how would you inspire them to do so?

I think I’d have to say: Don’t be afraid to try something new! At first glance genres like mine can seem like they’re going to be really heavy on the sci-fi or perhaps on things like legal terminology or gory details of murders, but my books aren’t like that at all. I try to present engaging stories with the feel of a light read that can be enjoyed without getting bogged down in boring details, and you don’t have to know anything about science-fiction to enjoy them either. So please give them a go!

Here are the books K.C. wrote(described Twitter Style.Links to goodreads are included in the tittle) :
The Atomic Circus (Caecilius Rex Volume 1) – Take a journey into a mysterious world of crime and conspiracy with a young detective hiding a traumatic and damaging past.

Counterclockwise (Caecilius Rex Volume 2) – Rejoin our intrepid detective with a whole new murderous mystery to solve, where all that he thought was true before will be called into question, with shocking consequences.

The Secret Star – Journey through time in an exciting tale of friendship, adventure and the power of long lost love.
About The Author
Born in South Wales to Raymond and Jennifer Finn, Kimberley Charlotte Elisabeth Finn (known to readers as K.C., otherwise it'd be too much of a mouthful) was one of those corny little kids who always wanted to be a writer. She was also incredibly stubborn, and so has finally achieved that dream in 2013 with the release of her first two novellas in the four-part Caecilius Rex saga.
As a sufferer with the medical condition M.E./C.F.S., Kim works part time as a private tutor and a teacher of creative writing, devoting the remainder of her time to writing novels and studying for an MA in Education and Linguistics.
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