Sunday, 7 December 2014

For The Love Of BookTubers

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Once upon a time, in the  Winter Season, every bookish girl in the entire world would spend a few hours a day, sitting in chair, bed or on the floor, reading about books, enjoying the christmassy feeling some people spread through blog posts, while of course wishing sitting in one place for that huge amount of time would not be oh-so-dreadful,and uncomfortable.And don't even dare to remind er that after that, she would  have chores to do.Washing the clothes, Cleaning the House,Study.
And each and every night, they wondered  only if there was a way they could do them the same time.
Now, a few years  later, the booktube community appeared.And every bookish's girl dream came true.

 Now, every time I stumble upon a booktuber that I really really enjoy.I enjoy listening to them.I enjoy watching them.
So, the first one, is the most recent one.


Here are some of her recent videos.
I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Bookish Resolutions.Maybe I'll do a post myself.

Book Haul.Gotta love book+ hauls. <3 p="">


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