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For whatever reason you need to get a hold of me , use the following!

1.Email me at rallu.93 (at) gmail (dot) com
2.Contact me on twitter :@TheDaydreamer3
3.Leave a comment on this page .
Ifit's urgent or you want a really fast answer, email me.I DO NOT mind.

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Here are 10 random  things about me:
  1. I'm 20 y.o.
  2. A College Student.
  3. Part-time perfectionist.
  4. I like Classy more than Trashy.
  5. My mom got me into reading.
  6. I'm a cancer.
  7. I am not a native speaker(please if you see any mistakes,report them!! );
  8. I live in Europe;
  9. I have a wicked/strange/sarcastic sense of humour ! (Now, consider yourself warned!)
  10. I already began my "100 things to do before I'm 25"
PS: I am now an Affiliate.I just find this more easy to highlight free books (See free books page at the top) and also link books that i review or highlight on the blog .It really saves me a lot of time...


I have started a thing called Themed Weekdays.

  •  Youtube Day; (I may post here anything that is on youtube, like movie/book trailers,scenes that i like, book hauls, book reviews, or just songs that i love)
  •  Wishlist Day;(Anything that is on my wishlist like movies,books,bookshelf,hot guys...yeah..basically anything i want to have :>)
  •  New Discoveries Day;(Anything i discover and like in the past week .May be book covers, books, movies ,authors, blogs ..etc); 

All the text in italic is purely my thoughts...ramblings maybe...or me being sarcastic, you decide.

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