Review Policy!

Thank you for your interest in having your book spotlighted on 

I read for fun, and i always will.Keep reading if you are interested in requesting a review.
I do accept self-published novels.

Genres i enjoy reading(fiction) :
  • Romance;
  • Paranormal ;
  • Action;
  • Chick lit;
  • Contemporary;
  • Young Adult;

I DO NOT  review :
  • Horror books (even remotely scarry);
  • Poetry or books in verse;
There are a lot of genres i have yet to read, so if your book does not fit into any of these genres, but is not a horror book, of course you can contact me.

Book Format: 
I accept ebooks as i own a kindle , but i also like paperbacks and Audiobooks !
If the book is an ARC, I will try to review the book in the month surrounding its release date(or YOU could give me a specific date to post it)

Review Format :
Each of my review posts include :
  • Picture of the cover; 
  • Synopsis(Amazon,Goodreads..);
  • Genre;
  • Pages;
  • Series;
  • Year of publication;
  • The actual review;
  • Recomandation(2 stars up);
  • Links to online stores that sells the book(Amazon,TheBookDepository,Smashwords,..etc);
  • Links to the authors :Website/Blog,Twitter,Facebook;

My rating system !
5 stars-I absolutely loved it.
4 stars-I really liked it.
3 stars-I liked it.
2 stars-It was Ok!
1 star-I did NOT like it.

I also post my reviews to the following locations:

The book review request email must contain:

  • The tittle;
  • Genre;
  • Summary;
  • You telling me more about the story,because sometimes the summary doesn't make me want to read it;
  • If it's an ARC then when would you want me to post it (give me at least 3 possibile dates);
  • Author
  • The Author's blog/website, twitter profile and facebook.
All emails that do not contain these informations will be ignored.

Raluca (a.k.a TheDaydreamer3) 
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